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The Famous Cuisine In Asia

MONday - 11/07/2016 14:52

Asia is a continent of cultures with a rich cuisine and unique in the world. With most types of cuisine, diners will feel interested and excited to indulge yourself famous dishes of each country. We can mention Japan, Spain, China ....

1. Tokyo, Japan

Referring to Japan as we think of the nine-nation, of the people on time and comply with these rules are absolute. It looks like the chin chu of the people here has permeated to all cuisines. Indeed so, is not that the city suddenly became central Tokyo gathered elite culinary world, with 226 prestigious Michelin stars awarded to restaurants, cafes.

One of the famous food street in Tokyo is counting Shinijuku, here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious dishes like ramen, tonkatsu (fried pork), udon, yakitori (chicken skewers a style style Best)…

2. Hanoi, Vietnam

Coming to Hanoi that you are coming to a street food space with delicious food and a very comfortable price. Food in Hanoi are the total harmony of taste sour, spicy, salty sweet, charming and subtle medium, heady diners. If trot off the road into a noon, visitors can easily mesmerized by the aroma emanating from the small roadside eatery.

3. Bangkok, Thai Lan

Probably no need to remind everyone knows Thailand own a culinary background is extremely rich. In Bangkok you can find all the delicious dishes at prices ranging from expensive to cheap. In this city, there are delectable dishes everywhere, from roadside carts, a small restaurant in the neighborhood was famous cuisine in the restaurant or luxury. Went to Thailand you can not ignore the Pad Thai delicacies such as pork stew, papaya salad, mango sticky rice, Thai hot pot ...

4. How Fen Luo, Hainan - China

As regional specialties Hainan Island, the name of this dish means "beautiful cuddling" with slightly sweet flavor and slightly sour. When you eat, you'll soon be conquered by the soft noodles mixed with beef jerky, hard to resist delicious roasted peanuts.

5. Singapore

Singapore island cuisine with an extremely attractive combination of selective-inspired cuisine of China, Malaysia, India and many other places. Singapore diverse real definition cuaam well up from the country's cuisine. Here you can encounter the style dishes Islamic style, from the South Indian vegetarian dishes, dishes of Cantonese dimsum, until the flavor dishes such as roast duck or Beijing noodles of Fujian.



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