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Top 10 Benefits of Quail Eggs

Quail egg is one of so many edible eggs out there. It is also one of animal’s proteins sources we have besides of meats. Why the eggs of quail eggs? It is simply because chicken eggs are already too ordinary. No, it was a bad joke. It is because sometimes, chicken eggs, or duck eggs, or other kinds of eggs are difficult to find.

1. It cures coughs and Asthma condition

It is already known for ages. In China, it is one of so many traditional food supplements and remedies for many kinds of diseases.

2. A help in low blood sugar condition

This is just because quail eggs contains lots of iron, that is why this good is a perfect supplement for those who has low blood sugar condition. It will help the formation of the iron cell inside the body.

3. Increase your immune and memory

The containment of nutrition in these eggs, will help you to increase your immune body systems, as well as will prevent you from any disease that might to come.

4. It is good for your prostate

It is because of its large amount of proteins, phosphorus, and vitamins. As we all know, this organ is in need of these nutrients.

5. Decreasing the opportunity to get stroke, cardio arrest, cancer, and arthritis

Thanks to its high of potassium in this egg, you will mostly get the benefit of this egg of avoiding the higher risks of getting those scary diseases of internal organs.

6. Good source of vitamins and minerals

As it mentioned above, the composition of this egg will help you maintain your body needs of vitamins and minerals. It is especially vitamin B, thiamine, mineral salts, and any other kinds of matter.

7. Help due to pregnancy time

Phosphorus, vitamins B, minerals, proteins, and many other nutrients in quail egg are helpful to help the fetus developing and growing well. Nonetheless, lack one of nutrients will be fatal to fetus in the developing times.

8. It is good for your skin

By taking it regularly under an expert supervision, it will give you the best result. It works as anti aging for your skin, makes your skin more radiant by showing its true tone, and at last but not the least, regenerates your skin cells.

9. Use it as hair treatment

You know, not many people know, if the white matter of the egg (yolk sac) is good treat you’re your hair as well as good for your face skin. Of course if you can deal with its smell, that same of people cannot stand with. Not to mention the proteins, which is not every people is not have an allergy to it.

10.An option for those who have allergy to the chicken egg

This one is, obvious, don’t you think.

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